Pokemon: Gold Version ~ Bicycle theme 


I don’t give a fuck how “bad” your oc’s design is. I don’t care if the colours are bright or they have a lot of accessories or they’re a demon queen vampire werewolf horse who is dating legolas. you had fun making them and that fun was entirely harmless, self-indulgent and creative and thats great


*points at the worst character in homestuck*

"my son."

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Take a second to look into jobhaver​ ’s fundraiser for her FFS over here. jus take a sec, read it over (her tumblr pote for this is here)

you can read a lil about tha correlation between facial feminization surgeries an achievin a healthier mental state in tha research outlined here.

please please if you can donate at all consider sendin it her way because

a) any and all helps since its $22k+ procedure,

b) jobhaver is one of the most brilliant, hard-working and just incredible people I have had tha luck to become friends with (honestly? I can’t do her justice with the space here)


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Ferguson Panel at the Missouri History Museum

Part Four

Wednesday, October 15th

The Mike Brown they don’t want you to see. Never forget. #nojusticenopeace #staywoke #arrestdarrenwilson


hey unfollow me if you think people that use neopronouns aren’t “real” trans or nonbinary people and that neopronouns delegitimize trans and nonbinary people that use “”“”real”“”” pronouns

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)